DakotaFire Systems™ is the leader in fire suppression systems and unique firefighting equipment and is the only system of its kind.


Frequently Asked Questions

DakotaFire Delivery Systems

Can I mix different brands of gel?
Absolutely not.
Is the firefighting system effective for both structure protection and suppression?
Does elevation, temperature or water quality affect the performance?
No. DakotaFire’s system will perform reliably regardless of conditions.
Is it necessary to clean out the gel line?
No. The system is self-sealing and only requires monthly re-circulation.
Can gel concentrate and water be pre-mixed in the tank?
No. The gel concentrate and water must remain in separate lines until they are mixed in the nozzle at the end of the line. Pre-mixed gel will become too thick to spray and will block the system.
How much does a system weight?
Please refer to product specifications.

*Specifications and/or recommendations differ by gel manufacturers.